Do strangers comment on you and your significant other while you're on a date?

i know it sounds like a weird question but let me explain. I haven't had an official girlfriend in an extremely long time. in fact I pretty much just have one night stands and hook ups. but the very few times I did go on a date-type thing, I ALWAYS get strangers making comments lol.

like, if I took the girl to get coffee and went to pay for her drink too, the barista girl said "what a gentleman :)", also when out somewhere people (of all ages, both guys and girls etc.) are always approaching us and talking to us even saying we're a cute couple. it happens like every single time I am on some kind of date. I rarely date though because I just don't see myself as the boyfriend type...which is why this is so weird to me I guess lol


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  • Nope not at all but family does a lot(:


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