Dating a lifetime neighbor?

I've been dating a neighbor for almost 7 months that I basically have know for her whole life, we never hung out growing up until we both recently got out of serious relationships(we both have been single for close to a year with any rebounds already outta the way). We hooked up on Facebook with the intent of going out to a bar and getting drunk and going from there, with no other expectations rather than maybe making it if were both free type of nightly thing.. I'm glad that we have both fell for each other and we both have kids.. but sometimes she says things that bothers me a little, like I can't ever go out without me know that she's gone, that I always know where she is, etc its hard to tell if she's just kidding or if this is a real issue for her.

Also on another note My younger brother just started dating her younger sister! now is this gonna be odd if I'd like to get really serious with my girl or am I just over thinking the whole situation?


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  • Nothing wrong with it. A little out of the ordinary, but cool none-the-less.

    Make sure you're dating because you're seriously interested though, not just out of convenience..

    • thanks for the best answer! hope all goes well with the relationship! :)

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