Quiet to loud, is this acceptable?

Ive been very quiet for 3 years of high school and now its the beginning of junior year... I really want to break out of my shell and make friends.

I hang with my sisters group of friends at times but I'm just the quiet girl. If you (just pretend) had a friend who let her sister tag along every once and a while and her sister was shy, would you be weirded out if she just started being louder, more talkative and more fun in your group?

I struggle with this because something, I don't know what, from my shyness side thinks ill be judged. :(

Be specific please/


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  • Unacceptable...how dare you exhibit personal growth and happiness in front of others


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  • If you were my sister, no I would welcome and encourage you to come out of your shell. I would want the best for you because your my sister, its always nice to try something new as well. Just don't start out being so outgoing that it looks weird. Start by participating more in conversations, suggesting new things, new places to hang out or other things to do. Start it out slow, make yourself more confident, about be more open. I'm sure it would work out, and then you can have your own group of friends, the ones you made, not being introverted but extroverted. Hope this helps.