Answer if you are a user of a online dating site: Do you have a secret crush on someon you already know?

It seems most people who are registered users of online dating sites spend countless hours searching through profiles of complete strangers yet most confess they have a secret crush on someone they have known for a long time, or someone they recently met, or someone they see regularly (coffee shop, work, neighborhood, etc.. ) I want to know what you have to say about this?


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  • The trouble with "real" people is that you don't know whether they are single or not, and whether they are willing to enter a relationship. If you could just get that information about anyone, by looking her/him up on Facebook, it would make things much much more simple. But most people keep this secret, its their privacy. But it makes things so much more difficult.

    Imagine if you could put on special glasses that filter out all the girls/boys in the city that aren't interested, and you would see only those that are ready for a date. It would make dating so easy, you could just walk around the city and get a date within an hour.


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