How do I get him to date me?!

I was hanging out with my friend and 2 guys. One of those guys, I've liked for 3 years. Well, he kissed me. But now, I'm not sure what's going on. He tells everyone that he likes me and wants to date me, but he doesn't know if it will last. A few years ago, him and I dated for 3 months and we only saw each other twice outside of school. If we dated, we would see each other a LOT more than that. Plus, I wouldn't be afraid to kiss him. Wouldn't it make sense that it would last longer since we're both more mature? And don't guys like girls who can make the first move and has guts? Because I've tried asking him to hang out a lot and he's "always busy." HELP PLEASE!


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  • id love 4 a girl to make the first move. sounds like it might work out better now but it could go either way. hope it works out 4 u.

    • but what am I supposed to do about him ignoring me? like, have you ever ignored a girl you really liked? I don't understand him. He'll talk to me one day and the next, completely ignore me.

    • I try to hang out with the girls I like as much as possible. Girls & boys aren't supposed to understand the opposite gender. Sorry if I'm way to late. Not sure what you can do to make him stop ignoring you.

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