Better to go single or find a date to a wedding where your ex will be with his new girlfriend?

Dated a guy for 9 months, he wouldn't introduce me to family (kids) etc so I broke it off. Within weeks he found a new girlfriend and in 4 months they live together and she's been introduced to everyone. We are both attending a wedding next month; is it better for me to just find a date so I don't appear unable to secure a date, or to go by myself because I don't need to just be with someone who won't treat me right? Thank you.


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  • This is typical. If you are thinking of finding a date just to have your ex see you "stable"? Lets think about this... What if someone took you out on a date just to show off in front of their ex? How would that make you feel? Even if you weren't into the person that you were out with at the time, you would be pissed for him wasting your time when you could be with someone that actually wants to be with you.

    My suggestion is that you go alone, enjoy yourself, and be there for the simple reason of blessing the people that are getting married or don't go at all. If you do find a date, let it be a REAL date. Don't Take someone just to be a time and space filler and to try to prove something to your ex. If you go, don't talk to him or his girl, no eye contact, no smiling or frowning at him, nothing. Move on. Don't make everything about you, go and have a good time and do things like your ex isn't there.

    • I appreciate your feedback, thank you. I've been fine with my decision to go alone but keep getting pressure from both girls and guy-friends that I should go with someone and wondered if I was missing something.

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