Guys, would you pursue a woman for over a year for a casual hook-up?

How much effort would you invest in a woman you only wanted a casual fling with?

I have a friend I've known since we were teens. He got in touch with me last year and has been in touch regularly, at least weekly. Nothing romantic, just day to day stuff with a few hints thrown in here and there that he may want more...but he never says when asked. Would you spend a year of your life pursuing/contacting someone if you only wanted a fling?


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  • "Options" are an important commodity that can be potentially pursued for years and across countries if the option seems like a valid investment, especially if it potentially becomes a steady return. Actually, I would extend that through space and the time continuum if we one day get to that point.

    • You must work in Finance :) So you would consider a fling/hook-up a sufficient ROI for you to invest your time over the course of year(s) to obtain? Or are you talking about pursuing a "commodity" with more value/meaning/a better pay-off?

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    • Oh, its possible he wants more than that...not saying that. I'm just saying guys usually keep in touch to keep the doors open to further a casual friendship. I just would keep the expectations low at first until you test the waters.

    • Got it...expectations are now lowered :) Thanks for your advice.

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  • My boyfriend chased me for a year before I agreed to date him. I thought he only liked my ass, and that wasn't a good enough reason for me. But now we're engaged. Take whatever wisdom you want to from my story.

    • Congratulations! Yeah, you were right to place a higher value on yourself. It obviously paid off. Good luck.