What should I do about my friends?

A group of 4 of us used to always hang out together. I used to room with 2 of them and the other lived a few minutes away. I moved out over the summer and back with my parents. But now it seems like my friends have totally bailed on me. When I call I usually get some bs answer like they are too busy to hang out, and when I ask when they are free they say they are busy the entire week and then don't ever call me back. Since moving out none of them have called me, but I have called them a couple times to try and get together. The one time I finally did get to hang out with them, one of them says they have to leave to go see another friend only 30 min after I get there. I get that they have other friends and things to do and I'm fine with that, but I would have expected a little more considering for the past 4 years we pretty much only hung out with each other. It feels like they don't even care if I hang out with them anymore. These guys were my best friends, how do I deal with this?


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  • Hey, that blows that they aren't making time to hang out with you. I think you have two things to do.

    A) You tell them straight out like "so what's up? you guys can't make time for me? I want to get back into the loop." Guys don't usually think of others and if these are college monkeys, poo C is more important than friendship.

    B) If the above doesn't do much for the friendship. Unfortunately they did not value the friendship as much as you did. I know "go make new friends" is easier said then done and you'll be hesitant to make new friendships since these seem to be a let down but slowly but surely, this sounds like what you may want to think of doing.

    But I would start by addressing the issue, if these are your buds, you should be able to tell them anything.