Is he just leading me on?!

I met this guy on a bushwalking trip a while ago. I definitely felt a connection when we we're talking. He was really sweet and seems to be a very likeable person. Nothing happened, however I met him again on another trip and he remembered me and also my name. After that day I couldn't stop thinking about him so I decided to text. I was really forward and told him that I want to go out with him on a date. He seemed a bit surprised but we texted back and forth for a while and then he stopped. I waited a couple of days, then I texted him. I sounded really excited and eager to see him and I don't know if he thinks I'm being too pushy? Is it bad to show too much interest in the beginning? I even told him that I like him! He asked if I had plans for the weekend, but I don't know if he wants to go out with me just to be nice?

Anyway, I stopped texting him and after 10 days he asks if I want to go out with him.

Does that mean that he's been thinking about me and wants to see me or is he just missing all the attention?


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  • you could be direct and ask him if he really wants to go out. Then again there's really no harm or loss in accepting his invitation. Maybe he likes you, maybe he doesn't. Only you can find out if you go out on that date with him. Does he flirt with you at all?

    you were a bit forward, basically your in his pocket because he knows that you want him and such. idk, update me and give me more info

    • Thank you for your advice!

      I know I was really forward. But why would he contact me after more than a week of silence if he didn't have some interest? Because before, I was the one texting him first and I started thinking that he might me answering just to be nice (which is stupid because he can simply come up with an excuse). I stopped texting him because I don't want to be too pushy. I guess I need to learn how to play my cards right and not showing too much interest in the beginning.

    • yeah that's true, he'd show some interest if he called you a week later.And was he asking you to go out with him like a date? or just like go hang out? Don't worry we make mistakes and sometimes don't know any better. if possible I'd appreciate if you could take a look at my question "what does she think of me now" and your welcome [:

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