Am I being stupid wanting this?

Lads what do ye think?. . . I'm going out with my boyfriend/best friend since last November. . . Were both 17. Do I sound like a b***h if I ask him can we have a night where we both can just do(kiss) other people for a change? We agreed when we started to go out we would to this every so often but now I duno if he will like the idea as he has settled down a lot better than I have with the whole thing! I do love him a lot and its no reflection on him as I really don't want to break up I just want a change for one night. . Advice please


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  • I don't see the positive of this. If you are thinking about hooking up with other people, why are you staying monogamous? Just go with other people. The point of a relationship is to only be with each other. If he likes the idea it's probably be cause he's not that committed to you.

    • were committed all right

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    • its more that were going out 9 months now but we went out and broke up several times because one of us wanted to hook up with other people but this time he's settled down a lot more than any other time

    • I mean if you want to hook up with other people, you probably don't want to stay in the relationship. That is the sort of thing a single person desires. Sometimes taking a break from a relationship can cause the "fire" to spark again, but if he doesn't want to hook up with other girls, he'll just think you don't want to be with him.

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  • Nope there isn't a guy in the world who would want the woman he loves to do that. If you aren't committed then what's the point of a relationship?

    • we have been together since we were 15 really. . . and were not looking for a serious one we know were not going to marry each other :/

  • honestly, no guy would want this ever...

    • seriously? I don't mean with him round

    • yes seriously. it amounts to agreed cheating. and that is how a lot of relationships end...

    • ok thanks

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  • Am I being stupid wanting this? No

    Do I sound like a b***h if I ask him can we have a night where we both can just do(kiss) other people for a change? No since you two already had agreed to it every so often

    Advice please.

    You don't have to tell him if you kiss other guys because you two already agreed to it every so often and you didn't mention any talk about him wanting to take his agreement to it back aka him saying 'I don't want you to kiss others anymore & I don't want to kiss others anymore'

    If he finds out and gets upset just remind him about the previous agreement and that he hadn't said anything about no longer wanting that so he shouldn't have assumed that you would stop.

  • I tried this and my guy freaked out...we got into a big fight over it. I don't know if your guy is more understanding then mine...but I wouldn't suggest it.

    • he can be and I know he won't freak over it or have a fight about it