Only dates white girls but is trying to hook up with me?

i have known this guy for 3 years now. In those 3 years I have never seen him with a black girl! however he is black! I'm black and we communicate every now and then but I always wonder y he wants to hook up with me if all he likes is white girls. And I mean white girls a raining for this guy they chase him! I asked his friend one time if he ever seen him with a black girl he said he has never heard of him being with one. so y am I the lone black girl he wants to hook up with? I don't get it


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  • It doesn't mean all his past girlfriend were whites means he doesn't like black girl.Beside look there are many other important thing that we should have to attract someone.You might have something that he likes.Sometimes people have preferences about who they will date but I can say that in some cases it can change.