Should I text her? Or is she hinting that she doesn't want me to?

I told a girl that "seeing as I always seem to pick a bad time to ask you to catch up, ill leave it up to you. Just give us a text if you want to catch up" and she said "Yea I haven't caught up with barely anyone lately, iv been so busy." I left it up to her, cos every time we organised to do something, stuff came up at the last minute and she had to cancel. Its now been 2 weeks since I sent that text, and 2 weeks since either of us texted the other. I then saw her 2 days after that at a club and we only spoke for about 5 minutes and then just kinda watched each other across the floor. Should I text her again? or is her not texting me an obvious hint that she doesn't like me and doesn't want me annoying her?

.We were also close friends for about 1/2 a year before this, and would do things together most weekends and text each other every night / time we saw the others car around town / when we were just bored.


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  • i know you don't want to hear this, but it's simple. If she was really interested in persuing a relationship with you, she'd be texting you or calling you or doing something to make time for you.

    • Actually I'm kinda glad at least one person said this. I wish shed just told me she's not interested and doesn't want to do stuff together anymore straight out, rather then just making up excuses (which seemed pretty valid) at the last minute every time we'd organise to do stuff, and getting my hopes up by saying that she wants to catch up and 'yea we should do something in the next few weeks'.

    • Yeah, the part with getting your hopes up...that's just mean.

    • Thanks for giving me best answer!

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  • It may be that she's just sad or something. I can be really bad about calling my friends back if I'm having a rough time. Maybe you shoudl give her another text to ask her how she's doing, and will she go out with you some time next week? (even just as friends) Make her laugh and have a good time. The whole thing about you used to be good friends for about 1/2 a year makes me think that she does want to hang out, rather as friends, but because of work or something she's just not able to. If she really says no, then you'll know she's making excuses and she doesn't want to see you.


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