Was anyone here mistaken for being Muslim on 9/11 this year?

so apparently I look somewhat Arabian, I'm Latina though. (I look African American and Armenian too to others.) this year I went out and people were giving me really dirty looks so I smiled at whoever was looking at me hoping that it would stop. it didn't though. I didn't wanna cause a scene but I just knew what was going on in their minds. what should I do if this ever happens again?

oh please share your experiences :)


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  • Wow, first anonymous loser is so lame with his stupid FAILED joke that no one is laughing at!

    I haven't been mistaken for being Muslim or Arabic, fyi not all Muslims are Arabic. Yet, I did date a Muslim guy and I was always really protective over him when it came to people being rude to him. Although, he didn't need me to :P He's an alpha male. We would go out in public and we'd be holding hands and someone would be staring at him so I'd be like "What?" in a bold way, giving them a bit of attitude. I'd get that mean, hungry lion about to tear you to shreds look and say "Can I help you?" It used to p*ss me off when people would stare at him. I was not having it! People are so ignorant. It's like some Americans forget that not every Arabic Muslim walking around was not one of the people who got on those planes and flew them into the World Trade Buildings! Yes, most of the time you should ignore them and keep it moving. But there are sometimes where it's just totally unacceptable! >:( I think that sometimes you should be bold and let people in the public know that they need to show some respect and decency!

    • thanks hun :) if it ever happens again, do you think I should clarify that I'm not middle eastern or tell them to just keep it moving?

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    • If I were you, I'd give them a mock "omg" look that they seem to be giving you :P People usually don't expect you to be so bold and they get taken aback and stop acting like an ass. Trust me, I've done it lol Or if you just look back at them with a straight face but let the "WTF are you looking at!?" annoyance flood from your eyes. That usually makes them get embarassed and look away. If they were really rude, I would stop walking and approach them like "Exscuse me, is there a problem?"

    • It really depends on the extremeness of how they act. Sometimes it's best for YOU to just keep it moving and simply smile at them and kill them with kindness. So they look like the ass. But if it's total ignorance, then don't smile and be friendly because that's when people think it's okay to act like that and you should send out the vibe "Your behavior is unacceptable" You can't really do that by smiling

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  • I think maybe you're just paranoid.

  • Yeah twice but I really paid it no mind


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  • Ahem?And what is wrong with Muslims?Huh?

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