f I call someone, I expect that person to have some decency and call back. Girls & guys what do you think of this ?

So I met this girl in college and we exchange numbers on Monday. I decided to wait till tonight to call her, and when I call she don't answer. She then Texts me back saying, " Hey, was up did you call me ?" I said, "Yes, I wanted to see how you were". She replies back by saying, "Oooh, OK. I'm good how about you?"

I'm not sure if you'll understand where I'm coming from, but I don't like that. If I call someone, I expect that person to have some decency and call back. I hate when I call someone and they don't answer, and then they text back to make a whole conversation through text. I haven't even replied back at her, I was thinking about not replying back at all, and if she brings the subject up, I will the tell her straight up. What do you think ?


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  • It sounds like she doesn't like to talk on the phone. Not many people do these days for a number of reasons. Be happy she at least texted you, it at means she's at least willing to be friends with you, if not more.

    • I understand. I don't really care if she wants to be friend, if not more. But I'm just saying it's pretty rude.

    • To you maybe, but maybe not to her. Different people do different things. If you like girls who call back, find a girl who does!

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  • well she could have thought you butt dialed her or something. my guy friend called me once. I thought he butt dialed( because he never had called me before) me but nope. he actually wanted to talk. but like you said, she should have answered or called you back either way


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