I want to ask this girl who goes to another school to my homecoming. Does it make me look bad?

She goes to school like an hour away but she lives near my moms and I'm there almost every other weekend and we do stuff together like I too her out to dinner and she's been to my house. I really like her but I feel like if I ask her she will think I'm desperate. I haven't made a real move on her yet though. Is it a good idea?


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  • You take her out to dinner? I hope you are NOT paying at least. That's making you look real desperate if you are.

    And no it doesn't make you look bad, I know guys who go to proms or w.e with girls from other schools.

    • Yeaaaaah I am... I mean I've only taken her out once. But I mean I've paid for a movie once and stuff like that... What am I supposed to do though? It's like a date situation. Why do you think it's desperate though? It's not like there's other people with us...

    • Dating does not = buying gifts, paying for everything, trying to win over. Dating is finding out if you are compatible, having fun with each other.

      Paying for miniscule things like a coffee or a snack is OK, but paying for entire dates or dinners, especially if you aren't rich just shows you're trying to 'buy her approval'. Girls hate this and will just use you.

      Take her out still, do fun things, but keep in mind that you're equal, she's not better than you and you don't have to impress her.

    • Hell no I don't buy gifts for her f*** that haha. I'm not trying to buy her approval either. She's not rich at all so it's not like she's expecting me too. Yeah I mean it's not like I take her out all the time. Most of the time we do stuff that doesn't cost money like hike up this cliff to check out a view and bike ride. If I had an idea that she was using me I would break all contact with her. She hasn't complained or said anything. F***it's complicated though the whole paying thing.