How can I tell if she wants me to kiss her?

Okay so I'm dating this girl (no officially in a relationship but just dating). I like her a lot. I can't stop thinking about the girl. Every date we can't stop laughing and we have a lot in common. She is just amazing to me. My question is how can I tell if she wants me to kiss her? I really want to kiss her but I want to make sure the feeling is mutual first. I would hate to ruin it all by pissing her off. So any signs that I should watch for. It would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Yah if she touches you and there's a silence then go for it! My boyfriend and I were watching a movie and a they started kissing and that's how our first kiss happened haha.

  • If she flirts with you by touching you in any way, make that move.

    If she holds your eye contact while your not talking for more than 5 seconds go for it.

    If she is trying to get as close as possible as she can to you, go for it.


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