First date turn-offs for guys?

Okay, so one minute it'll seem like I'm on good, romantic-ish terms with a guy, but as soon as he takes me out on a date he seems to decide he's not that interested in me after all. I really don't get it. I swear I'm not awkward. My breath doesn't smell like garlic. I don't chew with my mouth open or belch or talk about my ex-boyfriend. And if a guy asks a girl out in the first place, he must think she's fairly decent-looking, right? So what am I doing wrong? Or what might girls in general do wrong on first dates?

I realize that this is kind of a difficult question to answer since personalities vary. But there have got to be certain qualities in girls that make guys think, "eh... maybe not," when they discover them.

So guys, what's an example, in your opinion, of something that a girl could do on a first date to make you lose interest in her (assuming, of course, that she's not completely insane and behaving accordingly)?


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  • A couple of things for me.

    If she keeps going to her phone, it makes her look like she's bored.

    If she says something I find offensive (rare, but it can happen).

    Generally it could be something as simple as thinking we don't have much in common. Like if she spends most of the time talking about music and bands and concerts, and I'm not really into music.

    Or if she says she hates horror movies, and I love horror movies.

    It can also be things like tell me about your favorite holiday, and she talks about some time she sat on a beach for 2 weeks. Those sorts of holidays bore me. I want difference, adventure, excitement. I'd rather come home with a scar and a story, than a tan.


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  • Hmmm...

    Talking about her ex the whole time.

    Doesn't seem interested in him.

    Awkward silences.

    Chain smoking.

    Showing disturbing traits of personality disorders.

  • be true

    dont talk about bad past experiences...

    be sweet...give compliments...dont be much formal..get involved in talks and don't shy... be that you both can feel comfortable...

  • Not show up.

  • My biggest pet peeve is if a girl looks at her phone or even tries to text when I'm there in front of her. Also if she's not attempting to at least show some interest in what I'm saying things aren't going to go so well.


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