Too early to call under these circumstances?

I went out with a girl yesterday and after dozens of boring dates, I think I've met my match. She left after about 1.5 hours, which seems like not a long time, but we had fun and I think it was a good time. This girl could have any guy she wants but is smart and I think that's what she's looking for and why we got along.

My question is, with her being busy with last minute work this week, my being out of town this week, and Christmas on Thursday with everyone tied up, is it too early to call her tonight, about 24 hours after the date? I hate playing games but you know how it goes with someone you really, really like, and I don't want to seem clingy. I did text her after she left to make sure she got back home and she texted back promptly.


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  • You won't seem clingy at all.

    Just give her a quick call to wish her happy holidays or something sweet like that,

    girls find that cute and sweet. If she texted back quickly after you texted her first, she probably was waiting on your text actually.and when she received one.she became excited and texted back. Just call her, I'm sure you won't regret it.

  • No you won't seem clingy. Just call her and say hey and just casually talk to her. If you like her go for it! Or just text her if you are too worried. I always love texts like, "Just thinking about you.have a good day!" That will make her smile


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