Getting the Kiss=]

Okay so I like this guy and he likes me too,the last time we met up we got really close but we didn't kiss,I know I should of done something because we were cheek to cheek thing is,he's shy and I guess I am also,but I'm just ganna break the ice. How do I kiss him or initiate the kiss?this would also be my first kiss=]

Guys and Girls plz help

much love.


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  • Just lean in while you're talking and maybe mention something about his eyes. When he leans in closer, just give him a sweet little peck, nothing too big now. Just a small innocent kiss. Another cute way is to dare him to kiss you on the cheek, and when he leans in to do so, turn your head quickly and kiss him on the lips. Both are usually very memorable and nice. So don't be shy!


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  • When you're close to him again just go for it! Unless you do something terribly wrong, it'll be good. Just don't overthink things and psych yourself out-- there's nothing to worry about.

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