Accidently sent text message to girl I like!!

I left my phone on the table for 5min and left the room, when I came back he threatened to send her this message to a girl I liked, ' Those gorgeous eyes, that incredible smile, amazing brain, nice smile...but that is enough about me, tell me how are you today', he accidently pressed send, I was furious it is so cheesy. I sent an apology and told her what had happened and it wasn't me. This happened the previous evening and tonight, the following day I still haven't heard a reply. She must think I am a total idiot now. I have just known her for 3 days and we were getting on fine until this. What do I do now? Please help.


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  • I think you should have waited the day out to see if she actually responded...

    and what her response

    But I mean you never know she could have been thinking about what to say back until you crushed her and told her the message wasn't meant for her.

    I would just give it time...and if she doesn't respond then just text or call and ask her if she's mad at you for something. If she says why, tell her she kind of never texted you back...


    you can just wait around for her to text...or move on.

    • thanks for that, I should have waited to see if she responded first. Do you think I have blown my chances with her now?

    • I don't see why she would get mad over that and not text you anymore...I would have just laughed it off. I don't think you blew anything. Just stay postive...maybe her phone broke or she can't find her charger...or someting of the sort. I think you still have a chance...but if she doesn't respond ever again well then her loss I guess.

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  • Lets just hope she likes you back.

  • Hmmm give it a few days and if nothing text her and say something like "erm sorry I think my mate texted you the other day, bit creepy sorry about that...blah blah blah"

    • Oh you already apologized...okay new plan! Call/text her in 3-4 days, something like "hey I'm (insert name here) and my mate is an idiot, can we start over?" Don't contact her until then unless she gets back to you. And don't bring the message up in conversation.

    • thanks for that, or when I text her should I ask if she is mad at me? So when I see her I shouldn't mention the incident at all?

    • Nah don't ask her if she is. Well if it's jokingly maybe.

  • It all depends on the girl AND what was said in the text. If your friend's text was degrading her in anyway possible, then that might have blown your chances. I personally would have laughed it off, and replied that it was okay. But if this girl gets creeps messing around with her a lot and sending bogus texts more than proper texts, then she might have written you off.

    If you really do like the girl, I suggest ringing her and apologising "in person" rather through text. She'll won't be able to ignore a phone call. And do you definitely know you're going to meet her again? If so you can turn the phone call into a "can't wait to get together with everyone. How you getting there? Bringing anyone?" etc instead of just phoning her to apologize and then the phone call is left hanging in awkwardness.

    Hope I helped. :)

    • Thanks. The girl is in the year below me at uni, so I should get to see her again. The text read something like this 'those gorgeous eyes, incredible body, amazing brain, nice smile...but that is enough about me, tell me how are you tonight?'. I don't think it is that bad, but I am just worried she hasn't replied to my apology yet. Maybe she did actually like the cheesy message!

  • Is it a joke?

    • My mate was just joking he would send that message on my phone, he accidently sent it to her. I then apologized and told her she wasn't meant to get that text message. I am worried she now thinks I am a complete idiot, I have not heard back from her since.

    • Don't worry. :-)

    • thanks, should I call her or text her again? what to say? or just leave it till I see her next, she is in the year below me at uni

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  • what misty said

  • don't worry about it brah, it's no biggy

    • cheers, but hope I haven't blown my chances with her. What would you do next?

    • wait until the next time you see her and act like nothing happened