Morally devious background should I abstain?

I am into this guy however he has a bad reputation in my community because when he was 13 he hacked into his school's web and stole some exams. When the school caught him, they kicked him out even though what he did was puré genius. After that he helped banks improve their security features.

My question though is should I hold him accountable and not consider him as a potential date or should Isimply ignore since well lets face it, I've cheated in school as well. Only difference being that I never got caught and well my methods of cheating were slightly more rustic.


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  • Sounds like he's turned things around given he's working with banks to improve security. Some people are capable of learning from their mistakes, he sounds like one of them.

    • Yeah, perhaps you are right. Its going to be tough with my parents since they are highly socially sensitive. But oh well in the end its me who chooses.

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  • I would give him a chance, until he gives you a reason to not trust him. it sounds like he made up for what he did by helping the banks, and all people make mistakes at some point in their lives.

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