Girls 21 and over: Which guy would you prefer in this scenario

I was at dinner tonight. The bartender who is blond, short and skinny was named Leah "short stack" (nickname) there was another guy, who was about mm maybe no older than 40 but still pretty old. I'm 22. We both talked to her but I didn't really make a big fuss about it (while he was practically non-stop with her). I tend to be a bit shy, but that's aside the point. Anyway, if you had to choose between a guy whose about 20 years older than you but not as shy and a guy whose the same age as you but sort of shy (regardless of looks), who would you have gone for in this situation and why? I understand she's a bartender and only "making nice" I just want to know for future scenarios like this

Also, he knew her before me (from a bit back) so that's why he was more chatty with her as well


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  • It depends what I was in the mood for really. And which I liked the look of. I mean brad pitt is over 40, I could picture him in place of the nameless 40 year old you described, and picture you as some dweeb. I can't really make a judgement on it with the information you have given.


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  • Depends on the girl, but most girls would go for someone around their age.. so you

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