Why did my guy's best friend try to kiss me in front of him?

so I have known this guy for 5 months. we started out dating...we are kinda sleeping together now and just hanging out. I have hung out with his friends many times. I know he really likes me but the morning after hanging with them the night before, my guy walks me to my car and bids me goodbye saying " he will call me so that we can do something during the day". We had sex last night ( this whole event happened today) and his friends crashed on the couch. One of his friends follow us out to my car , as he my guy is walking me to my car, and asks me for a hug and kiss in front of him, as my guy shakes his head behind him.

i saw no harm so I gae him a hug, and he signal for a peck on the check, which I did. again I saw no harm in it. afterward, my guy looked confused at the actions of his friend. My guy usually gives me a kiss goodbye but he just hugged me and told me " I will call you so we can do something during the day". Was I wrong? And what just happened here?

My guy and I are not offically together because I don't want a relationship right now, and he just came out of a bitter breakup right before we started dating, but again he has already proclaimed his "like" for me...and brings up relationships frequently


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  • no. your "guy" needs to jump kick his friend in the nose.


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  • That guys friend is a jerk and you need to stay away from him..hes no friend at all if he tried to kiss you in front of the guy, knowing that you and your guy have a thing for each other(I assume). Your guy shouldve done something about it!