Should I talk her on a date?

!ok well I really like this girl. she has a baby girl who lise a year and ahalf old. I've been hangin out with her like everyday. on one of her Facebook statuses it said that she was ready to settle down. I haven't taken her on an official date before. what do I do in this situation? I could take her on a date. I could jsut ask her to be my girlfriend without any dates. or I can continue to hang out with her everyday.

how can I bond with her daughter more


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  • Take her on a date and ask her while on the date. It really isn't official without going on a date. Be careful though. It means you're taking the little girl in as well. :) Good luck!

    • is that a good or bad thing that I am going to be taking the little girl in too?

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    • Date first. Ask her while you're on the date.

    • alright asking her on a date will be easy. but when I'm asking her to be my girlfriend what would I say?

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  • I understand completely! I have a little girl myself and I'm trying to get into the dating thing...Yes be very careful its not just her , she has a child. children pick up on things. and like the other answerer said are you ready to take on that...the possibility? but Yes I most deff think you should take her on a date hanging out is cool, but apparently she's ready for more, but be careful don't move too fast, just dnt be too slow, best wishes : )

    • allright I could do that

  • You can do all of the above :) x


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