Okay why don't I get asked out a lot? Just wondering? :O

I'm wondering why I don't get asked out, many guys I know tell me I'm beautiful and even hot and sexy and that they'd "tap that" I'm not a whore I'm on student council at my high school,never has sex but I 'been asked out in like forever my 1st boyfriend was an idiot, but since then its been a while it seems like there a waiting period between dates like every million years I get asked out or something lol.I don't want to get asked out every second of the day cause that would be abnormal but I've only has two boyfriends one was my best friend and the other was not, but ya I'm not desprate for a boyfriend I can can live without one as you can see , but it would be nice to be acknowledged. guys do you think there's a problem with me? :O

Every girl around me is getting asked out but me(it seems) :S


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  • Maybe you're kind of intimidating. You're a girl who's got her stuff together... a lot of guys just aren't up for the challenge of a truly independent woman. but just because everyone else is getting asked out doesn't mean you have to be- be happy in being single, being tied to someone else has its upsides, but being independent for a long while is better. get to know YOU- think about all those deep questions you won't have time for later in life lol, and spend time with your friends. Also, like Musical546 said, don't get that reputation- pick and choose your men. its better in the long run in many ways.


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  • look for the type guy your best friend was like and advoid the ones you said were like the one you called and idiot. if your as pretty as you say you are then its also possible many guys see you as being itimadating or assume your already taken . many guys find it hard to believe that a really pretty girl can be boyfriendless.

    make it known your avaibale

    be approachable by anyone maybe guys you may not have considered before even

    look as said for a good nice guy someone like that bff guy .

  • um... no. why would there be?

    but watch who you date. you don't want to get a bad reputation for going out with someone that is a total douche- then people will start treating you like that as well =(.


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