Do you date only one person or more?

Wanted to see how people are dating considering the number of people you see at once.

I'm wondering because I'm unsure if it's normal to expect someone with mutliple "dates" beside me, or if it's normal to be dating several people at once. What's your thoughts on this?

  • I date only one person at a time.
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Well what I meant by what's your thoughts is, would you be surprised, hurt, indifferent to someone saying they're dating more than one person? Any answer would be appreciated.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I only date one person at a time because I can only focus on them. If someone that I was dating told me that he isn't only dating me, yes I'd be hurt. I only want a guy who gives all his time and pays attention to me. Knowing that he dates others while dating me, I'll consider him a player feel as though he was only playing me.

    • Thanks for your answer. I would feel hurt as well, I'm just surprised that to lots of people dating isn't necessarily "exclusive" when I think it should be, otherwise like you said people will feel played...

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  • Personally I can only date one guy at a time, I don't have the time or the money required to go out with several guys a week and I am also whilst dating the guy considering him a sexual partner so would not date multiple guys as I'm not interested in having sex with more than one guy.

    As for the guy dating other women, I wouldn't mind that initially, but if we were to take the date to the next level and have sex, I would expect him to then date me exclusively.


What Guys Said 1

  • I date more than one girl until I found the one

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