Online dating No-nos?

Wow this girl is 30 and she's pretty cute. We were chatting fine and then I asked her, "So are you divorced or single mother?"

And she threw like a tentrum! lol. She's like, "No, I'm not even closed to being married but I get reminded about my unfortunate situation constantly by people like you". I was like, yeah I'll leave you alone now...

Wth? What's wrong with me trying to protect myself? How is it rude to ask whether she's divorced? It's like, important factual imformation isn't it? Like, if I met a girl I'd need to know whether she's single or not.


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  • Next time ask if she's single. That lady sounds crazy though

    • Lol I did! I asked whether she was single first, then I asked whether she's divorced or has any children. She's nuts. I mean, it'd be crazy if I didn't ask her this.