My mystery text buddy?

So I have been texting this guy since the beginning of summer this year and we really hit it off. But here's the catch.. I've NEVER met him. He'll text me and say hey, and he's flirty. I catch onto that, I mean he sends most of his messages with smiley faces and he calls me cute and pretty. But we haven't met which seem weird to me. I said I might move to Cali and he said NO, don't move. We haven't met yet. I have no idea what to do about this guy... HELP?!


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  • If you want to meet him, make sure to bring a friend and make it a public place, not his house or a friends house.


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  • does he live near you at the minute? it sounds like he is interested :) why don't you ask him too meet you for lunch or soemthing one day?

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