Why do dating sites ask you "what you want"?

I don't really use dating sites but every time I check one out just to see how stupid they are, I see that one of the sections is to tell them what you want in a girl and or what type of relationship you want i.e. open relationship etc...

If I knew what I wanted don't you think I would have a girlfriend by now (meeting one in real life). How the heck do you fill one out if you haven't even met a girl in real life?


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  • Those questions exist because:

    (1) The site's for older people.

    (2) If you don't know what you want, you're asking for whatever you get. You NEED to have a clear set of goals and values in order to be in a happy and loving relationship. If you go to school and never pick a major, you'll never get a degree in anything, right? Same goes for dating. If you don't know what type of person you want to date, you end up not finding anyone "worth" dating.

    Now, the problem is that people LIE on those sites all the time, so the person you pick isn't the person you actually meet.

    • Great analysis *thumbs up*

    • Thanks, lol. I still shudder at the thought of "snake guy" -- who a friend of mine met online and went out with once. Her menu caught fire when he showed up at the restaurant with his boa... YIKES!

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  • Some people, like myself, do have a "type" or characteristics we tend to go for. As in I might like a caring guy. Just because you know what you are looking for doesn't mean it will make dating any easier as the trick is to attract someone that matches you and want you want. The point of dating sites using that is just to save time and energy. If I go on someone's profile and see they like a sporty girl and I'm not then I know it's not for me. A lot of people do have at least some sort of idea on what they want or more so what they don't want.

  • It's more for the other people on the site, the people who are visiting your profile. It lets them know what you are looking for so that they can decide if they want to contact you or not. Not everyone on dating sites haven't met people in real life. It's just another tool to meet people. It's actually kinda nice because you can sift through people and find people that you feel are a better match for you. Instead of just going out and randomly meeting people and hoping that they might fit some of your criteria, and vice versa.

  • well what they mean is that if you aren't serious than girls who aren't serious will contact you, if you are serious than only those girls who are serious will contact you. At least that's how I understand the question. and good luck finding a girl


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