Should I be hopeful about this?

i REALLY, REALLY, liked this boy like this past winter. I thought we were going to work out and we were gonna date. the problem is that he goes to a different school. and in the mean time of me liking him, he had a few girlfriends. deep down, I knew he didn't like me like that. but I stupidly let myself be hopeful that it would work out. anyways, I finally came to terms with it and snapped myself back to reality. convinced myself that he didn't like me like that. so I slowly stopped talking to him. it wasn't on purpose it kind of just happened. I think it was because I found a new guy at school and I was curious about him and was befriending him. oh, and the guy I liked got a new girlfriend.

so we went a while without talking. just now we are talking more. not on a daily basis like it was way before, but maybe a couple times every two weeks or so. I went to the fair lastnight, and so did he. I saw him and my heart stopped because I didn't expect to see him so soon although I already knew he was going. so anyways we met up later in the night. long story short: we walked around, went on rides, got some food and talked a lot. then when we got back to our cars, he texted me a little bit after and the text said "so, that was cool hanging out with you..x)" and of course that made me really, really happy. especially becuase the last time I saw him which was like March. he didn't text me after to tell me it was good seeing me or anyting. and then we texted all the way home and until we went to bed.

im not saying seeing me made him realize that he likes me. but I really wasn't expecting that text. so do you think maybe there might be a chance? or do you think he was just being friendly and I shouldn't even try again?


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  • hmm. hard to say. I think that there is somewhat of a chance, but if you want to take it you have to play it carefully.

    • how can I play it carefully?

    • dont be too obvious. go to friendly territory before you go to dating territory, and don't get too invested in the begining. make him think you two are starting completely anew.

    • okay. thanks :D

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  • I think you should, just be careful.. But I think he definitly might be interested in you

  • If it felt right and you really do like him, then I say try again but if you try again be cautious don't get your hopes up too high because that only leads to disappointment. Normally from my experience if he went through the trouble to text you after then he probably likes you and in the past he may have never realized it before or been interested until now. So if you like him another try might not hurt because you truly never know until you try, I hope this helps and wish you the best. (:

    • Thanks so much! I really do like him. my friend at school is trying to help me find a boy friend. and she was trying to set me up with this boy. but when I was with my friend and we were talking I knew that he was the only one I truly like.

    • Glad I could help and good luck.

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