All about dating...

1 :- What kind of person would you date ? ( player, shy ..etc )

2 :- What would you wear on a date ?

3 :- Where would you like to go on a date ?

4 :- What will you tell the person whom you are dating , about yourself ?

5 :- What would you ask your date ?

6:- How would you like to end the date ?

7 :- What would you like to do on a date ideally ?

8 :- On what basis would you like to LIKE or DISLIKE your date ?

9 :- One thing you don't want your date to be like . ( it might be anything ... his/her looks ...personality etc ..)

10 :- What will make you date that person again ?


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  • 1) Smart intelligent career man.

    2) Depends where we are going but probably a cute dress or skirt with heels.

    3) I like the classic dinner and a walk.

    4) Depends. I am not going to spill out my life story on the first date. It depends how much we know each other, a date with somebody you have been friendly with for a while is different than someone you just met

    5) Depends how the conversation flows

    6) Depends how well the date went. If I am attracted, a nice kiss and him asking me out again, because I am assuming this is the first date with the guy.

    7) Good conversation and connecting with each other

    8) Do I feel chemistry and a connection, do I like his personality, does he make me laugh, smile, can I see myself enjoying more time with him over other people?

    9) Too quiet or insecure. Also not ugly

    10) If I feel a connection and can see us continuing


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