Should I take her advice?

Okay so one of my friends had a thing, with one of my guys friends. I started to see him is pretty much perfect boyfriend material and there thing ended terribly she totally cut him off, and spread all sorts of crap to make herself seem to good for him... I felt so bad about the whole thing I tried not to see both of them for ages then a couple of weeks ago my guy friend and me started hanging out ( his had a thing for me for a couple of years) but I've always sorta put it down to friends... But then I realized he's a total gentleman and when we hang out he's amazing to be around... He dotes and says the sweetest things... Anyhow I asked my friend could she see us together she said he wasn't good enough for me... Quote" way out of his league" I started to wonder as I asked other friends and got the same response... Dose this matter if we are great together? Was she just being bitchy :( but even my best guy friends said the same thing and their his mates too...Should I just leave my feelings and move on...


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  • This all seems far to complicated than what it should be!... Maybe your girlfriend is only saying bad things about him because it didn't work out for her and she has a grudge against him?... Maybe your guy friends are only saying those things because they want to be with you?! lol Either way, none of this is relevant to your situation... If you like this guy for who he is, and he likes you the same, then why not give it a go? You're the one that would be dating him, not your friends!...

    Personally I would say you have to make your own mind up on this one and not listen or make any decisions based on what your friends say... It's your life and your potential relationship, so if you want to give it a go, then do so!... Good luck!... :o)

  • Lol mabey your girlfriends are shallow bitches?

    • lol I hope not.. but it's starting to sound that way :( a person is not defined by how they look but their actions :D

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