Why hasn't he texted me?

Ok so me and this guy have been texting non-stop, for a week and then all of a sudden on Friday he just stopped responding, I now haven't heard from him since then. We have lots in common and both admitted we were really starting to like each other. So my question is why did he just all of a sudden cut of communication?

He has since texted me agian and says his phone was shut off


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  • He probably busy or something. But if you really want to know how he is, why don't you text or call him up. who initiate the text first most of time? If is you then you should give him chance to contact you too. If you haven't hear from him in a while then you should freak out. Just wait and be patient.

  • wow that is my problem right now. hung out two times and he was really nice and very well mannered. id be the one to text him and he would drag to text back. I made the effort to take the train an hour away just to see him the second time. clearly I liked him. he seemed he liked me when in person and he flirted very good. but after that night at the movies he has stopped texting. I kinda think its because I didn't kiss him. if so that really bugs because man he was so perfect and didn't seem like that kind of guy. ill just have to wait and see. I have yet to text him. if he wants me he'll have to make the move this time.

    [he is probably weirdish around you now because of the fact that yous both know each other have mutaul feelings. this has happend to me aswell. next tiem you see him act yourself, before you found out. itll relieve his nerves.]