How do you ask to hang out more?

How do you ask to hang out more without looking annoying? I met this guy twice and the second time he asked if I wanted to have sex with him. I declined, but I still would like to get to know him better. He took me to a concert the second time I met him also.

I just don't want to look annoying and I'm scared what if he doesn't want to hang out anymore with me since I didn't put out. He seems like a really nice guy and I wouldn't mind being his girlfriend but I don't want to push that since that would be weird and what if he isn't looking for a relationship.


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  • This gut is not looking for a girlfriend, he is looking for a girl who is easy, he is looking for some cheap bird who will shag him on request, but he has no intentions on showing any respect to this girl and you can be sure he won't be hanging around for seconds, because you would of proved that's what you are, easy, so stay with your talents and never say yes to a bloke who asks you if you want sex, because, sex just happens between a couple, its a moment thing, so if he is asking, then he is using you just for that, and fair play on you for declining, you have shown talent by declining a pig his joy, and get this guy off your hot list, because he will end up hurting you for sure, its the sex you could give him that s all he is interested in, he cares nothing for you but just what's in your knickers, so don't become easy for the likes of him, your worth more than this guy could ever imagine, you have talent , they won't go unrecognised, wait for some one worthy of them, not this chump,x

    • He's a really nice guy. He didn't seem too upset when I declined. And he initiated the hug good bye and gave me a kiss on the lips when he dropped me off at University the next day.

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    • Ah, guys never chase me. I doubt he will now anyways. I'm busy with University and he probably lost interest like they all do. I can never keep them around long.

    • Your be surprised at what functions keep a bloke interested, its not really anything you conciously do, but unless he is blind to those types of talent, I don't think you have grounds to say he has lost interest, because if he is respectful towards you, I can't see him losing interest just yet,x

  • Talk about sending mixed messages. He was honest with you so just be honest with him. Tell him you would like to hang out with him more and get to know him to see if anything happens. He'll either say yes or no.


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