Never Kissed A Guy (mutiple problems)

I have never kissed a guy I'm kinda waiting for the right guy and I once herd from someone when you date someone for a long time "its not how long you date it's what steps are taken" like kissing. and every guy I have dated except one I have only been able to see at school and the one I didn't just see at school we dated for over a month ad all we did was hold hands and once in plain as day public but we never kissed and I have now dated him 5 times and I don't know what to do because there is this guy I like and he has asked me out b4 and I said no but he only lives abot 3 blocks away and I been to his house and met his mom and she likes me and thinks I'm really nice and his bros teased me and him about "dating" when we wernt and I don't know

how do I get over I have never kissed a guy and I passed up a guys I've liked for years


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  • okay you see if the gu that you rejected still likes you and then if he does then ur lucky


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  • In my opinion girls shouldn't kiss on the first date (sounds odd but who cares) and you can have many dates with the guy, without kissing, because date is when you get to know each other better and if you don't feel like it/or afraid than you just don't do it. With the right guy and the right moment you will see how easy things can be, and if you are still waiting for the right guy it's great.

    Here is something from my experience. I never had a boyfriend or kissed and I started to like one guy from my school, we became boyfriend and girlfriend after some time (I was 14) and I really liked him, but we didn't date much, I saw him in school and after school we met (we lived very close to each other) to be together, but I wasn't ready to kiss and he was. So when he showed me that he wants to kiss me it made me panic inside because than I knew this is not the guy, he was more pushy about and I felt I don't want to kiss him ever. There was another guy from my school and I knew he likes me - we were same age and he was more easy thinking and a bit shy (what was kinda cute) and I actually had a kiss with him 0.0 I didn't understand myself though - but I felt so confident about it and not so scared, maybe he wasn't the right guy either but he was different from my boyfriend (aye I kissed another guy while my boyfriend was going crazy XD he nearly chopped my head off when he knew). But I don't regret it =D

    Sorry for the long writing but I tried to show you good example ^^

    You will definitely have that right moment, and don't say no if a guy you like asks for a date - it can be a good start =D