I don't know who I should go for. any advice?

okay so there are two girls, and I don't know which one to go for. one of them is a freshman (im a junior) and she flirts with me over texting and whatnot and she is pretty good looking, and she doesn't act like a freshman at all, she seems very mature, and has an awesome personality. Will this change if I start dating her? Another girl is in my grade and she also has a really cool personality and this might sound shady, but she also likes sexual stuff, as to the freshman girl, I don't think she is into that kinda stuff yet. I talk to freshman girl more it seems and it seems she is more interested in talking to me than the other girl. I am attracted to them both, and I know they are both attracted to me. But I don't know who I should go for. any advice?


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  • Don't go for the one who is better looking, or more into sexual stuff, or make decisions based on their age. Decide from their personality. Which one will you be happier with? Which one will you have more good times with? Which one do you have more in common with? Which one do you have the most fun with? Which one do you communicate with better? Base it on things like that.


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  • Hmmm...pyschologically I would say you like the younger girl more because you mentioned her first and had more positive things to say about her. Obviously you are a guy and the "sexual stuff" deems some importance. The question is how important is that stuff to you right now? The Freshman is young and perhaps inexperienced so if I don't feel like you can wait it out with her then your decision is already made. But if perhaps you see something more with her she just may be worth the wait. Then again you aren't sure...she could be a total freak and you just don't know it ;)

  • Which one you trust more/prefer to share with information first/the one you call or text first?

    Personality is everything, if you will decide to be with the girl who is better looking or is more interested in sexual things than later on you'll find out that it's not on what relationships are build.

    Good communication, understanding, trust - go for it. You will definitely want to have a girl who listens to you and has something to say, with whom you feel comfortable and good and you want to spend your time with her and only her.


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