I don't want to like him!!! It was just supposed to be a fling, what should I do?

I met this guy three months ago and at the beginning I was very attracted to him but by the third date I was turned off by things he would tell me. So I figured there's no chemistry and just saw it as a fling. After a month and half of knowing him I lost interest in him so whenever he would text me I would reply super late or sometimes not reply at all. But now we have hung out more and talk more. I find myself thinking about him often, and listing to music I know he likes. With this I realized I'm having feelings for him, but its a big NO NO because I know he's not the guy for me and I'm not the girl for him this was just a fling. I just got out of a 9yr relationship and I have a baby and from what he has told me I'm the first girl he has ever dated that has a kid not counting that he never wants to have kids. Plus he's always telling me how girls come on to him, and of course I believe him because he's very handsome and just has the looks and personality a girl would like. When we go out he treats me really good and we act like a couple..He told me he likes me because I'm different from the girls he has dated and he doesn't normally treats girls like this that its wrong to say it but he was an ass with them, he said he knew if he treated me like them I would never come around again. The problem now is that I'm having feelings for him and I don't know if he's only playing me or if I'm just another girl on his list. Should I just stop talking to him for now? I really don't want to get hurt and I don't know how this things work because I've only been with one other person. Help please!


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  • You are completely conflicted about him. Nobody can make up your mind for you, it'd be a waste of time because you won't listen anyway.

  • "he never wants to have kids"

    This should tell you all you need to know. Move on before you get hurt.


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