Guys: What do girls do right/wrong on the first date?

I'm going to ask this guy I like on a dinner date this weekend. I don't know if he likes me, he is sending mixed signals, but I figure it's worth a shot anyway. I'm 21 and he is 29.

I was just curious about what guys find irresistable about a girl on the first date that might lead to a second... like the things she says and does. And also what are some things that girls SHOULD NEVER do on first dates?... Things that wouldn't get her a second date.


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  • Ok so don't bring up past relationships, or do anything awkward. Things are only as awkward as you make them, so if you do something that can make him feel awkward, its not going to turn out so well.

    Just be your self, don't change your personality at all. That's what he feel for right? Just relax, and think of the date as just another day with a friend. Remember table manners (not that people need the reminder, just trying to say anything helpful). If I can think of anything else I will add a comment to this.


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  • wearing too much make up .

  • um. don't be awkward.

    first dates are awkward for the most part. so bridge it. be blunt and fun and don't notice any awkwardness. that and let your personality shine- get to know each other- and you'll get asked out again...

    • how do I overcome awkward moments or have there not be any? I know that girls who talk a lot are also unnattractive.

    • yep. break up the awkwardness. do something spontaneous or random lol. and yes. talking too much is definetely a bad thing.

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  • Guys : pretending to be someone they are not... trying to sound cool..."acting"

    I'm not here to be with someone he is not, what's the point?

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