Why do guys take so long to message you after hanging out ?

So I've been dating this guy and I've been noticing a pattern, we hang out have a great time then he won't text me for a week or so... Then acts like nothing happened and is all interested again ? If people need there space I understand that but seriously why do you guys do that ? Do you lose interest momentarily ? Do you feel a need to be alone ? Are you testing us to see if we will chase you? What is the real reason here ?


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  • This is classic where a guy will wait all week just incase something else comes up or he gets a better offer, but when nothing or nothing better comes up, he will ring you and make plans with you, so he is basically keeping his options open and keeping you hanging on, so really your second best to anything better, which means, his ego is telling him, he can do better but your OK for now until that something better comes up, you shouldn't expect a guy to treat you like this, so don't accept it when they do, because he is not showing you he is interested in you, so let him know, you thought he wasn't interested because he hadn't been in touch, so you have made other plans, this will show him you have talent, and if he is into you he will try really hard to have you back out with him asap,xx

    • Hmmm I wouldn't doubt that he is unsure I'm a little unsure myself. I was going to let him know next time we talked that I wasn't sure if long distance relationship can work my main focus is school right now. He told me that he didn't want me to see anyone else and I havnt but I'm not gonna wait for him I have a guy asking me to go out this weekend and I'm not his girlfriend so I don't see the problem...

    • I'm not going to let him know that tho... Ill just see what he says when he messages me if he's talking to other girls I don't really care to be honest I am what I am it doesn't get any better. I just don't want to give him any reaction to as I am going out with other guys because I don't want him to think he's upsetting me, I'd rather just see how he handles me telling him what I think .

    • Fair play, there's no problem, your doing nothing wrong so enjoy, like you said, your not his girlfriend,x

  • Because girls are quick to call guys clingers.


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