I've never had a boyfriend. Is what I'm doing demented?

I'm a freshman & still haven't really had a boyfriend or a real 1st kiss. BUT, I've been getting ready for everything & planning conversations & trying to get myself ready for the physical stuff too. I spend a lot of time practicing what I'll say & do & I don't even know who he might be. Also, I've been kissing my mirror & other stuff to myself. Has anyone done this & am I OK or screwed-up?

PS- I'm too embarrassed to tell some of the things I've planned-out & done.


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  • You're ok...I've done those types of things. But don't worry about not having been kissed or having a boyfriend. I'm a sophomore in college and I haven't had those things either. It's completely normal.


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  • thats so cute really. when I really like a girl I sometimes plan things I wanna ask her in my head and coversation but it normally does not go down like that though trust me because what you think they will say back never happens normally. but I've done all those things xcept kiss a mirror. not having a boyfriend at your age is totally normal a feshman in college puleeze. you have your whoe life ahead of you. what are some of the other thigns you have planned out and done. if you want to attract a guy don't look for one on puropse that's when it all goes wrong. just live your life and hell come along.

    and the whole preplanning what you say thing is hard not to do but its best to be spontaneous with that and say the first thing that comes to mid.

    • Thanx, I'm in High School. ha So...maybe it's not so odd? Practicing kissing...I've known girls that do that, but honestly...I've practiced more & I've NEVER hrd of someone doin' that stuff. I feel not normal.

    • kissing a mirror is not an accurate practice tool anyway if you can't find a guy friend that will practice makin out with you then ask when of your close female friends to practice making out

    • No...really? I've had girls squeeze my boobies but I don't think I'm up for making-out, even for practice.

  • I think everyone does this to some extent, personally I do tongue exercises lol

    • You do tongue exercises why?...to practice giving oral?

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    • pssshh...whatever don't take my genius advice

    • Well... what's your advice on non-oral stuff I want to be ready for. Seriously.

      BTW, the cuke is to big!

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