On second date he didn't even care to ask questions. What's wrong with this picture?

I've known this guy through a friend for 2 months at least... now, I'm not into this whole dating, relationship thing... as it usually turns out horrible and break it off (as I've had a bad experience) We went on the classic first date - to the movies. He was talkative and relaxed and at the end of the night we hugged (which isn't bad, I've had worse!)

Yeah.. so we went on a second date a week later, and I asked him if he could teach me guitar (because he sings and plays it) and when I met up with him he didn't have his guitar on him... and all we did was spend 2 hours walking around our suburb :\ what's wrong with this picture? OH and he didn't initiate conversation. I was the one that had to talk... and when I stopped talking/asking him questions we'd be silent until I asked him a question... it's like he didn't even care... is this shyness? Because I don't know why he wants to spend time with me if he's not even going to talk to me.

Hopefully someone will read this drivel - cannot ask my friends... they're all boyfriend experienced and I'm older than them, I feel too ashamed!


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  • This doesn't look good. It's already date #2 and an awkward vibe is present.There are many things you two could have talked about. Maybe he didn't realize he was being so quit. I suggest that you ask him about. Don't assume anything just yet.

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  • is talking nessecary? I don't really get that, to me there's no such thing as an awkward silence I could enjoy a girls company without any of us saying much at all

    • I know talking isn't necessary... but I wanted us to get to know each other more...

    • oh

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  • Just ask him if he is a shy person,he may be shy because he likes you or is nervous about being around you..Just don't contact him for a day or two,it'll make him stop and think about you even more and make him wonder why you're not contacting him,also,this will show you,that he does like you,if he contacts you and asks to see you again..Then again,maybe he isn't the right type of guy for you..

    • That's what I thought... but he's always claiming he's an extrovert and I know I'm definitely not an extrovert, but I still talk... sigh... males... -_-

    • maybe it just takes him a while to warm to someone,next time,say to him,you're a bit quiet and then see what he says

    • Oh... that could be, ha ha I feel so stupid.. I didn't even think about that :S Thanks!

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