Dating a single mother, would you do it or not?

im really not interested in young guys opinions lets stick to 25 and up yeah, thank you guys I'm sure you understand.


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  • I won't write off a girl just because she's got a kid.

    I will however be more carefull and if it isn't awesome fairly early, I will actually break up with her before it gets too serious to avoid problems that may or may not occur.

    My reasoning is quite simple and while it probably is flawed, its the best I've got.

    If I would date a single mother, sooner or later I'll meet their kid, in my case(happened 3 times thusfar), its been fairly early which is dangerous as I'm really quite good with kids and they usually like me aswell and get attached to me rather easely.

    If it doesn't work out between me and their mom, I'll have to break up with the kid aswell which'll be hard on me as I hate breakups as it is, having to break up with 2 people at once is really a horrible feeling.. not just for me but for them aswell.

    PS: single moms out here... don't introduce your kid to your date unless its gotten serious unlike the girls I've dated thusfar that had kids, it'd probably make my point above invalid and you'd be just like any other girl except that you'll have a babysitter to get home to so you'll have a curfue :P


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  • Well if you love her sincerely and she loves you too, I don't think her status would be a problem...I have few guy friends who got married with single mum and they are happy now.

    • youre not a guy, I don't care for your opinion

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    • umm I read this whole conversation and all the answers and the men answered it correctly they gave her their reasons for either wanting to or not wanting to date a single mother.. although you should have specified you only wanted men asking.

    • I think I know who is the QA but well I'm not tht type who want to attack a person online : )

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  • Well there's a single mum I'm crazy about, but to be honest I'm not sure whether it's just sex I'm interested in and whether I could handle merging her life as it is with mine.

  • I'm married, 3 kids.

    If I'm single again, I could most easily see myself getting serious with a single mother. I'd want (for a long term relationships) someone who loved kids, but didn't want more, someone who understood me and vice versa, and I think a single mother would be the most likely match.

    • thank you for your reply, that makes sense seeing you have children and don't want anymore. if I was in the same situation I could see myself doing the same

  • I’m going to get thumbed down here, but I’m being honest.

    When I see a single mother I immediately write her off unless she is a widow. Think about it this way, this woman obviously has extremely poor judgment. She chose that man to father her child. Shouldn’t you know what you are getting into before you give birth to a child? Of course you should. Either the guy took off or she did. Maybe the guy split because she was overly demanding, materialistic, a cheater, or whatever reason. It’s hard for a good man to leave his child, he probably left for a good reason. Even if the complete opposite is true, say he didn’t care or was abusive, that goes back to my point she can’t make good decisions. Shouldn’t you be well aware of who you are with before you have a baby? Does an abusive, drug dealing/using, gambling, cheating man make a good father? No! It’s the most important decision in your life and they were careless with it. How many other life choices are they going to be careless about? Probably many. Why would you be with someone who brings a child into this world without really thinking about the qualities of her mate?

    I had the opportunity to date a beautiful woman with a child. She was divorced, in a master program, great job and super nice. I passed. She left the guy because he didn’t have a good enough job. He was no star, but a decent guy (just lazy). She should have thought about that before she said I do and/or had a kid with the guy. She tore that family apart… I don’t want a woman like that in my life.

    I would consider a widow if her husband had unexpectedly passed on. Even that would be tough, because you are committing to the family instead of one person. If you don’t get along with one of the kids it’s going to cause problems…

    • thank you for answering honestly.