Ok to kiss on a second date?

I met this guy about three weeks ago we have been on two dates and talk every day, just one or two texts messages, not excessively and he sends then first. He kissed me on the second date but it was a light kiss. He tried some tongue but kissed him without letting that part happen. It was short like two minutes. Is a second date too soon to kiss? I am worried he may just want to get laid. He said I was beautiful once but has not made sexual comments or anything like that. I am not sure what to think. Thank you.


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  • You're 26... I would be worried if there wasn't kissing on the first date... you're not in high school anymore.

    • What he said really... If you don't have anything physical going on by a second date... I'd be under the assumption she would just want to be friends.

    • Good point - thank you.

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  • Yes, at your age, it should have been fine as a greeting.


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  • If you're at this age already, of course it's fine. It's really a high school thing to not kiss on the first date.