Wasn't interested in me before but seems to be now?

So I need help figuring this guy out. This is somebody that I had classes with for a year and I liked, during the 2009-2010 school year. I liked him during the time that I went to the same college as him and we got together to study a few times but outside of that, nothing ever happened. I tried asking him about getting together after that school year ended but never got a response from him so tried to let it go. He added me on Facebook later on and we talked every now and then but he never asked me to hang out. Last year, I transferred schools and had little contact with him. I ended up seeing him last Dec as we got together to study for finals for similiar classes we were taking but again, nothing came out of it. We talked over the summer a few times on Facebook chat but that was it. He's at my same school now and last Sat, he started talking with me and then at one point, he randomly said that we should get together and hang out sometime, going so far as to say we could hang out on a Friday night. We swapped numbers and he texted me so I'd have his number. I saw hm in person on Tuesday but we didn't talk very much. The other day, I posted on fb that I didn't have much going on this weekend andthat if anyone wanted to hang out to text or message me. He commented saying "same here" but hasn't done anything else to officially figure out when we ould ang out. So am confused, should I leave it be to see if actually does try to figure out sometthing with me or let it go? A few of my friends advised me to just let him pursue it and not do anything until he initiates a day to get together but am not for sure on if I should respond to him or not on fb. Any advice is apreciated!


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  • I would just let it be. However, if you do decide to go do something include him, "Hey I decided I'm going to the movies tonight, if you still don't have anything going on, you're more than welcomed to join me :) " Don't plan it too far ahead, if he's not interested you don't want him thinking that you are purposely trying to hang out with him.

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