How to make a boy like me in my friend group?

So I've been hanging out with my sisters friend group (mostly boys) and there's a guy a year older than me (senior) whos quite attrective. I'm shy and I'm pretty confident that I'm attractive, not being conceted, but just for you to take that into place.

What can I say, do, or look like to make him like me and notice me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • provide a lot of opportunities for him to notice you and grow to like you. sooner or later, if he notices you, those opportunities for him to notice you will turn into opportunities to ask you out

    • how do I get him to notice me more? I'm really shy so how can i?

What Girls Said 1

  • We'll if its ure sister's group, try to go out to events with them

    and don't be afraid to joke around with the guy or ask for a hug from time to time ya kno?

    it lets the guy get the sense tht you're not terrified of physical contact with him >w< lol

    but seriously, it breaks down a couple of walls and soon ya'll can hang out one your own time w/o your sister so no awkwardness looming over your head :D

    just relax and enjoy spending time with him, sooner or later, he'll start thinking ure attracted to u