Does my boyfriend sound too busy for me?

have been going out with this guy for like two months now. Does this seem like it has been going well...

We go out once, twice a week. He buys me Dinner and I choose what we eat.

Have hung out with he's friends a few times.

Have spent a weekend away with him as well where he paid for everything. Except the flight. I did not expect for him to pay for that.

He does call me he's girlfriend. Around he's friends and mine. Also in general conversation as well.

The only things are. He does not call or text much. Only when necessary. But always keeps dates and buys us both treats when he comes over.

Also he has been very busy lately and has had to cancel our weekly date night twice. One. Due to a family reason, Grandma sick in Hospital.

Second due to a work mate ending up in Hospital and having to get stitches. Apparently he had to take him there. He got fixed up and everything was fine.

Saw him in between on Sunday night. It is just annoying he is so busy all the time.


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  • People tend to make time for things that interest them. Try asking him if you can spend a little more time together and see how he reacts. Seeing each other once or twice a week isn't really a problem, but if he keeps canceling and you go weeks in between seeing each other, that can turn into a problem.

    • I know. I told him I was disappointed that he cancelled. Asked if he was genuinely interested and he did say. I would not have asked you out if I was not interested. I did organise our date remember? We sent a few texts between each other through out the night, with him updating me on what was going on and then got a good night and xx's.

      No. I don't think so. I do not wanna hassle him and have my own life as well. It will if he keeps doing that. Fingers crossed it does not happen again.

  • seems a bit ungrateful to me


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