Couple of questions about the second date and need some suggestions

So I have known this girl for couple of weeks and I asked her out and it was a decent success. I called it "hanging out" though.

Last Friday, I first took her to a coffee shop she suggested, then we went swing dancing, and I surprised her with my skill since I practiced it for couple of months. then we finalized our first "hanging out" at a local gelato shop and we talked a lot. Then I took her to her car and before we depart, we had a light kiss.

So I believe this first "hanging out" went well. I asked her out again this week and despite her busy schedule with work/study, we are either "hanging out" or "going out" again this Friday.

I gave her options between movie and my university's volleyball game, and she chose the later one.

So here are couple of questions.

(1) Since we had a light kiss, would it be weird to give her another light kiss to greet her? She doesn't seem to mind PDA. I guess this could be little risky cause it has been a week, but if I succeed I would be able to get closer to her. so what do you think?

(2) Volleyball game tickets, do I need to buy her ticket too? During our first "hanging out" I paid for her coffee and gelato, so I spent about $13. I don't mind spending but I certainly do not want to be "I pay for everything guy."

(3) Subsequent to question (2), volleyball stadium doors open at 6 pm and game starts at 7pm, and we will be meeting at 6:30pm at her workplace which is 15 minutes away from the stadium. So if the answer to question (2) is "I don't have to pay" then it would be little difficult to buy tickets and get to the game. so I guess I need to buy mine and hers in advance?

(4) Occasional PDA, would it be awkward to kiss her couple of times during the game? This is my second time seeing her.

(5) After the game, we may be going to get something to eat like ice cream or food. If I buy her ticket, would it be okay to not to buy her this time? If you think I need to buy it then I will. Again I am not being parsimonious here.

(6) Any other tips? I like this girl so far, so please help me. :)


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  • That sounds like a good first date. I probably wouldn't have switched locations so many times, but the swing dancing was a great idea. As for your questions:

    1) I wouldn't try to kiss her until after the date. If she wants to initiate a kiss before that, go for it. You don't want her to feel pressured or rushed.

    2) I would buy her ticket as well. The guy is typically expected to pay for the date; that's why it's best to keep things simple and low-cost in the early stages.

    3) I would buy the tickets ahead of time. Women are attracted to a man with a plan.

    4) Same as #1... I would stay hands-off and let her come to you with affection. The worst thing you can do is make her feel "smothered."

    5) I would buy the ice cream, food or whatever you end up eating afterward. It doesn't have to be a five-star restaurant; keep it simple and low-cost.

    Dating can be expensive at times... no doubt about it. Women don't expect you to go broke for them, but the guy is expected to pay for dates. That can actually give you some insight into her interest towards you; it's when she doesn't let you pay for a date that you have a reason to worry. There's nothing wrong with her doing something nice for you or splitting the cost of something every now and then, but you're not there yet; it's still the early stages, so take her out, take charge and show her a good time.

    Good luck!

    • you are right. especially when she is financially burdened these days, buying her stuff would help me to win her favor, but I would make sure to keep the cost moderate, so that I don't go broke lol.

    • Neither of you should go broke; you both want to be financially responsible. Keep in mind, though, there's a big difference between paying for dates and buying her gifts. You probably want to keep the gifts to a minimum in the early stages of dating; wait until you two get to know each other better.

    • you are absolutely right. I will proceed with all the points you wrote. thanks a lot!

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  • 1. light kiss nice and I believe she wouldn't mind . more of I pay for my self girl so I don't know it all depend on the girl since you buy it in advance it will be a little weird to ask her to pay you back or could make her buy the snack that would be her way of paying you back

    4.well you could like if your team hit a homerun and you want to celebrate but not every home run cause it will be to much

    5. unable to answer

    6. be honest if she girl for you she would under stand that you don't have enough money

    • right, I guess (1) is depended on her personality. Just wondering, is your personality similar to hers? She is far from stereotypical feminine girl and is very active, strong, independent. During swing dancing, there was a guy who tried to take her away from me while dancing then he failed and she enjoyed the incident. So instead of being shy and vigilant, I should be more aggressive and confident cause I suppose that she likes "alpha" male type. Are you like her?

    • maybe I can say things like "too gorgeous to resist" or something else after going after (1). cause she is indeed extremely personable. :D

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