Dating world shock..

Its kind of like culture shock just in term of the dating world after not being in it for such a long time. I'm good with flirting and be charming when I want to be with one on one situations but socially as a whole I'm awkward. I don't connect with groups of people but I can easily connect when I'm just with one person. Flirting only takes you so far, I'm a little confused on what to do next and how to really be...normal, enough for someone to want to get to know me.

Iv always been a floater and a flaky person on account that I feel I have nearly nothing in common with other people. I'm a pretty strange guy, I do admit, I find more happiness in taking a walk through the woods by myself or something simple rather then going out to bars and discotecs like all my peers do. Is there hope? Or should I just sort of keep on going on, hoping to see someone who interests me and pursue them? isn't waiting just as deconstructive to my pursuits of girls as forcing myself into uncomfortable social situations I end up regretting being in?


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  • I would say yes, there is still hope for you! You'll find someone awesome for you, if you haven't already. From a girl's perspective, I think it's good that you March to the beat of a different drum. Finding that girl that will be in-step with you may be hard, but maybe you just don't have to look. She might actually just appear out of nowhere! And as far as being "flaky" and "a floater," try to find those things in common with this girl-once you find her! I'm sure there's a lot of girls who like to talk long walks through the woods. Look around! There are probably many people just like you who think they are strange, but don't let that stop you! Thy might have a lot more in common with you than you think they do! Have fun on your quest!

  • no its cool, I was like that and now I have the perfect boy, you really have 2 not care what people think and say and do what you want, girls like that type of confidence, just talk about what you like and you could find out they like it too .


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