Okay, probably the most popular question out there...Why hasn't he called/texted?

I met this guy last week, and due to the last question and following advice, I decided to sit with him in class. It went great, and I am so excited to hear from him again! Only... I haven't heard from him again. Yet.

Granted, it has been only a day since we first hung out together. He said he'd definitely call today, so maybe I just have to wait. I just hope he's not nervous. I have his number, so should I text him asking how he is today to take the edge off his anxiety? Or should I be classic and just wait?


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  • If he said he'd definitely call, then you should wait for him to do what he said.

    If it's only been a day, no need to worry much, you can text him first after today if you want to. Remember though, he may be trying not to seem overeager/clingy/needy which would explain not calling the next day. It's something girls don't like so guys say OK I'll give her space, but if then the girls get confused it's like which do you want? lol. I'm very sure if you both had a good time hanging together, he'll contact you pretty soon.


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