Guys: When did you get your first girlfriend?

By that I mean what age? For me I was 21.


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  • I had girlfriends in elementary school, middle school and high school. Of course I don't really count all of em in the beginning. My first meaningful relationship (looking back) was when I was 17. I dated girls before but it was high school crushes nothing that big.

    • Dang!! It seems you're quite popular with the ladies

    • I guess it seems that way... kind of grew into it later when I was in high school, once my confidence got built up.

    • So I take it you've always had confidence in yourself?

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  • I know this is a super old question

    but my first real girlfriend was when I was 18.

    even though we didn't date that long it was still hard for me to let go because she was my first gf.

  • well I had my first girl friend when I was 9 but after that I had many

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